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The Multicultural Leader


The Multicultural Leader

The Multicultural Leader: Life Stories of Influence and Achievement

Soosan Daghighi Latham

Soosan Daghighi Latham offers a fresh perspective on how leaders in the 21st Century think, live and lead. By profiling four of Canada’s top leaders–Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board Alok Mukherjee, former Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Mary Anne Chambers, award-winning architect Siamak Hariri, and designer-turned-Senator Vivienne Poy–Latham examines what it means to be a multicultural leader today. Along the way, Latham delves into the multitude of issues and challenges that leaders face every day and the ways personal history and professional experience combine to create effective leadership that makes a difference in the world. Latham offers readers an insightful, in-depth look at how leadership grows from a variety of diverse sources to shape cultures and communities today and in the future.

“It is said that if they are willing to dig down deep, everyone has at least one great book in them – and so it is with The Multicultural Leader. In it Soosan Latham channels deep and profound meanings from her own globe-spanning life and combines them with insights from four fascinating successful immigrant life histories to paint a vivid picture of what it takes and what it means to be a leader in our multicultural world. Particularly intriguing are her findings on the important role of personal agency in leadership success.” Roger Martin Dean, Rotman Business School University of Toronto, Canada

“This work reminds us that college sophomores and corporate managers are not the only leaders in whom we should be interested. It adds to a growing literature on experience and how it relates to development. Soosan Latham with her multicultural background could easily have been a subject of her own research. The lens of her experience sharpens the image rather than distorts it.” Dr. Morgan McCall Professor of Management and Organization Marshall School of Business University of Southern California, USA

“The Multicultural Leader is an important book for the 21st Century. Through powerful stories of four immigrants to Canada we learn, in nuanced detail, the power of individuals to draw on the multiple cultural influences that define this era to not only forge a personal identity, but also to powerfully contribute to the broader society. Read it. You will not be sorry.” Nancy J. Adler S. Bronfman Chair in Management McGill University, Canada

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