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Healthcare Workers Walking the Talk

J. Bronwen Moore

Bronwen Moore has introduced a fresh and stimulating approach to the research report.Superheroes is not only stimulating reading but its inclusive graphic novel structure makes it an interactive experience. Academic writing can suffer from its own didactic nature. Moore keeps a lively pace while giving the reader loads of essential information. As narrator she effectively engages us to take the journey through her world and to share a firsthand view of the lifestyle hazards of the healthcare provider and, importantly, how to overcome them. You will want to be exercising by the time you’ve finished it.

Anthony Harrison, Freelance Illustrator and Instructor, George Brown College School of Design, Toronto

This book provides a strikingly accessible way of presenting important research. It is a must read for health care workers struggling to find balance in their lives. The graphic novel form is easy to read and is perfect for the target audience, the already busy health care professional. The key messages are clear and are highlighted by thought provoking vignettes embedded in the text.

Mark Bayley, MD FRCPC, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

Brownwen Moore’s Superheroes made me wake up and pay attention to the ways in which I do (or do not) model my own self-care messages to my students and clients. It reminds all healthcare educators, administrators, and healthacre professionals of why self-care is so important. Her work, building on existing research, offers new and practical ideas on how healthcare professionals find ways to promote their own health while modeling health promotion principles for their clients. Moore’s arts-informed approach, using the graphic novel form, engaged me right from the first page. Her use of humour and metaphor, along with the incredible skill in which she draws the reader into the research process and the project’s discoveries, is groundbreaking and to be applauded! Her choice of an arts-informed qualitative methodology, while offering useful health promoting strategies, will do much more to bridge the gap between conventional approaches to evidence-based practice research and its use in clinical settings.

Barry Trentham, PhD, OT Reg. (ON), Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto


Bronwen Moore’s Superheroes comic is a brilliant way of viewing, analyzing and addressing the difficult topic of self care for healthcare professionals. The comic strip format makes the information so much more accessible. It is a must read for front line clinicians, healthcare managers/directors/CEOs and Ministry of Health employees. It cleanly summarizes a real problem in healthcare. For me, personally, the burn-out checklist was an especially compelling reminder to pay closer attention to my own health.

Raghad Zaiyouna, Occupational Therapist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Toronto

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