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Building Innovation


Building Innovation

Building Innovation
History, Cases, and Perspectives on School Design

Neil Gislason

In Building Innovation, Neil Gislason explores how school buildings inform teaching and learning. He also examines how non-architectural factors, like school organization, interact with physical design to shape the learning environment. Drawing on case study and historical research, the author lays a foundation for school planning and design that will be of use to educators and architects alike. Readers interested in non-traditional school design, teaching methods, and curriculum will appreciate Gislason’s focus on school architecture as a vehicle for progressive education.

Gislason makes the compelling argument that teaching and learning are intimately connected with school design. Through detailed and contrasting case studies, he shows how school architecture both shapes and is shaped by educational practices. Gislson makes it abundantly clear that educators and architects must work together in designing the schools that will forever influence the lives of the students and teachers who enter them.

Dr. Rena Upitis, Professor of Arts Education, Queen’s University and author of Raising a School: Foundations for School Architecture

An excellent appraisal of how teaching and learning relate to school premises. Where school designers sometimes seem to forget the building users, Neil Gislason puts the teachers and learners back inside the school and asks how they make their learning environments. The opening chapter provides an overview of developments in design across the US, UK, and Canada. It is the detailed case studies of three schools which really bring the book to life, however. The very different relationship each school has developed to their premises affects everything they do, emphasising the central idea that educational culture and physical setting are entwined and must be considered together.
Dr. Pamela Woolner, Research Associate at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Newcastle University and author of The Design of Learning Spaces

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