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J Bronwen Moore

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Building Innovation

Neil Gislason


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To Live And Learn With Neurological Conditions

Howard M. Bloom

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Researching Teaching: Exploring Teacher Development through Reflexive Inquiry by Ardra L. Cole and J. Gary Knowles 

Researching Teaching is a book for teachers and other educators who are interested in exploring their own practice through independent and/or collaborative inquiry. The authors offer a framework for reflexive inquiry into teaching that is grounded in principles of experiential learning and self-directed professional development and in the belief that the perspectives and experiences of teacher-researchers offer important insights into researching and practicing professional development.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Landscapes of Embodiment and Moments of Re-enactment

Suzanne M. Thomas

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The Multicultural Leader: Life Stories of Influence and Achievement

Soosan Daghighi Latham

Soosan Daghighi Latham offers a fresh perspective on how leaders in the 21st Century think, live and lead. By profiling four of Canada’s top leaders–Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board Alok Mukherjee, former Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Mary Anne Chambers, award-winning architect Siamak Hariri, and designer-turned-Senator Vivienne Poy–Latham examines what it means to be a multicultural leader today.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Of Dogs & Dissertations: Notes on Writing & Life

Ardra L. Cole

Of Dogs & Dissertations: Notes on Writing & Life is a pocket-sized companion to emerging writers, creative researchers, and all those who know and love dogs. 

ISBN 1-894132-34-3

List price $19.95

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

John J. Guiney Yallop 

Of Place and Memory is a poetic journey through an emotional landscape, as well as a reflection on that journey. The book pulsates with desires for, and struggles with, identities and communities. Memories of/and places are personal, as well as cultural, social, and political; they are also emotional. Of Place and Memory invites the reader into conversation, and creates a space for that conversation.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Imagining the Arts-informed Thesis or Dissertation

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Edited by J. Gary Knowles, Sara Promislow and Ardra L. Cole

An inspiring collection of writing that offers insight into the art and craft of creating art-related theses and dissertations. Authors illuminate issues associated with imagining, developing and completing non-traditional, qualitative, social science research projects as well as some of the barriers, complexities and rewards of guiding and facilitating such exciting work.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Self-Care from A-Z for Family Caregivers

Maura McIntyre and Ardra Cole

This is a little book with big thoughts about the importance of self-care for those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. This little book can be tucked in an apron pocket, briefcase, purse or glove compartment; open on a bedside table, bathroom shelf or kitchen table, easy to pick up and put down, read or re-read “in the cracks” of busy lives. A helpful and useful reminder that few words can go a long way to advance a broad ethic of care.

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Tales by Ariel
Illustrations by Marc Bell

Like most of our friends and neighbours we–my brothers and I–grew up with the customs of Christmas as practiced throughout most of North America and beyond. Each year Santa filled our stockings and left toys and other gifts beneath the heavily ornamented tree.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Exploring Field Experience through Narrative and Inquiry

J. Gary Knowles & Ardra L. Cole with Colleen S. Presswood

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Through Preservice Teachers’ Eyes offers a curriculum and a pedagogy for preservice teacher education field experience and is based on and heavily influenced by preservice teachers’ perspectives and experiences. It is written with a developmental perspective on the processes of learning to teach, and becoming a teacher, and celebrates a focus on self-directed learning, facilitation of ongoing professional development, and inquiry.

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

The Alzheimer's Project
Ardra Cole & Maura McIntyre with Leah Burns

Living and Dying with Dignity is the story of The Alzheimer’s Project: a seven piece, two- and three-dimensional mixed media art-research project that toured parts of Canada to both educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease and gather information from family caregivers about the complexities of care. Beginning with their own experiences of caring for their mothers, who died of Alzheimer’s disease, the authors present photographic and short narrative accounts that document an inquiry into issues of care and caregiving for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Domicide and a Childhood Home

Sharon L. Sbrocchi

Backalong Books & Centre for Arts-Informed Research

ISBN 1-894132  $28.95 CAD

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A rich collection of arts-informed writing as inquiry and inquiry into writing: essays on teaching and learning, excerpts and examples of writing inquiry, exhortations, strategies for writing and inquiring, powerful poetry and plays to perform–all at the leading edge of contemporary scholartistry.

Edited by Lorri Neilsen, Ardra L. Cole, & J. Gary Knowles

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Research Literacies and Feminist Occasions
Lorri Neilsen

Winner of the 2000 National Council of Teachers of English Richard A. Meade Award for Outstanding Research in the English/Language Arts

The magic of Lorri Neilsen’s writing is that it transports you into the text(ure) of a life lived richly, producing not only fine-grained insights into being-a-woman writing/ teaching/researching, but also insights into Lorri herself as embodying writer /  teacher / research /  mother. It is an inspirational text, beautifully written and deeply thought-provoking.

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Stories of Literacy Learning, Teacher Thinking, and Professional Development
James Muchmore

This book is about Anna, an experienced high school English teacher. It is also a self-study of the researcher and author. "With insight, sensitivity, and pathos, Dr. Muchmore documents the journey of two extraordinary educators. …. A remarkable literacy educator…. and the author himself, who shares his transformation as an educational researcher and teacher educator." (Annemarie Sullivan Pallinscar University of Michigan)

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A Reader's Theatre about People who Care for People in Nursing Homes

Maura McIntyre

Whether you read, watch, or perform Respect you will be drawn in to the world of caregiving and the experiences and challenges of those who care for the aging and ill. These voices remind us that, at the heart of a troubled health care system, are people who care a lot about what happens to the “deeply forgetful” in our society. (Ardra Cole, University of Toronto)

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Theorizing Arts-informed Inquiry

In this collection authors draw on illustrative examples of arts-informed research to foreground theoretical elements and issues associated with new genres of social science inquiry. Through languages and genres of fiction, poetry, drama, and visual arts the works in this volume show the potential of arts-informed research to bring together the academy and diverse knowledge communities.

Edited by Ardra L. Cole, Lorri Neilsen, J. Gary Knowles, & Teresa Luciani

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Tu siempre tu franco simone

Authors portray, imagine and theorise about research that infuses the processes and representational forms of the visual arts with qualitative inquiry. Chapters reflect a range of two- and three-dimensional visual art forms including photography, painting, installation art, collage, film.

 Edited by J. Gary Knowles, Teresa C. Luciani, Ardra L. Cole, and Lorri Neilsen


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Backalong Books, a small press dedicated to publishing autobiographical and alternative genre books of both general and scholary interest, is situated in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our line of scholarly books reflects our commitment to alternative genre research and to the promotion of scholars who push the methodological boundaries in their fields. Our line of books for general interest focuses on the maritime context and represents elements of the unique lives, perspectives, conditions, and issues of people living in North Eastern North America (Northern USA Atlantic Seaboard and Atlantic Provinces of Canada). A co-publishing arrangement with a US publisher makes it possible for us to publish some academic titles simultaneously in Canada and the USA.

In our non-academic line of books for general interest we publish titles in the following areas:

    * nature writing, accounts about humankind and the natural world (although not including scientific works)
    * human-animal bond, accounts about relationships between humans and animals, and the role of animals in life and work)
    * non-fiction, specifically personal history and autobiographical accounts
    * fiction, specifically personal history and autobiographically based stories

In our line of scholarly works we publish titles in the following areas:

    * teaching lives, alternative, close-up, real life accounts of the lives and work of teachers at all levels
    * educational issues associated with small coastal and island communities of North Eastern North America
    * outdoor, environmental, and general education issues within North Eastern North America
    * accounts of social science research or processes of inquiry that exemplify alternative research genres.

See Series and Titles and Information for Authors for submission guidelines.