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Our Philosophy

As a small collective of active and retired scholars we are committed to assisting new scholars get book-length manuscripts published. We at Backalong Books reinvest book sale proceeds into the publication of the “next” new author’s manuscript (the sales from one book financing the next, and so on). Our commitment comes from career-long experiences with and knowledge of the pressures placed on new and emerging scholars to publish quality work. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed before acceptance for publication. Our intent is to give back to the community of scholars via this medium and we invite other senior scholars to do the same for up and coming authors. Counter to the procedures associated with funding sources available to many Canadian publishers of academic work, we encourage senior scholars to “sponsor” or assist us in the financial backing of particular manuscripts from new scholars.

For authors who do not regard themselves as scholars or for those writing poetry or for general interest, our philosophy remains. We see value in supporting the work of new poets and writers, those for whom Backalong Books may be privileged to publish a first or second (and subsequent) title.

We are also interested in publishing the work of senior scholars.

See our page, Sustainability Initiatives, for efforts we are making towards the environment.


Publishing with Us

Backalong Books does not offer contracts to new authors. We rely on developing trusting relationships to bring manuscripts to completion. Authors who publish with us hold, with us, the copyright for each work published. Publishing with us means that, because authors retain copyright over their works, they are free to have their books republished in whole or part by other publishing houses or journals in the future without requiring permission from us (although acknowledgements are requested). Backalong Books does not offer royalties on authored or edited books sold although royalties collected through Federally-mandated programs are passed on to authors or editors of collections or individual chapter authors as the case may be.

Authors may be asked to share in the costs of book layout and cover design while we cover all costs associated with other phases of production. Sometimes one or both of these production elements may be covered by the contributions of “sponsors”. Published book authors receive 5 books and typically are entitled to purchase their own titles from us at 50 percent discount (although this may vary depending on production costs) and receive up to 50 percent discount on most other titles on our list.

Because our main vehicle for selling books is through this website we encourage authors or editors of collections to be proactive in marketing their titles. This is especially important for book launches and related activities. We occasionally attend academic and other conferences where we usually make available all titles from our book list. We are increasingly successful at getting our titles into university libraries and we encourage authors of chapters in edited collections and authors of books to actively encourage libraries to purchase from us. (We also provide discounts to wholesalers and to libraries that order multiple titles.) We encourage authors to use their titles in university or college coursework or for other pertinent “textbook”uses.